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Momentum is the word! Big news launches the 2018-19 school year.

The 2018-2019 school year launched with big news and great momentum. Crowds filled the lobby and halls of the Erich Kunzel Center for Arts & Education as we celebrated the first four CATS graduates receiving scholarships from the Fifth Third Foundation–a new scholarship program created just for CATS students. To top it off, a surprise announcement: Procter & Gamble has committed to joining Fifth Third in awarding scholarships to our CATS achievers, matching Fifth Third ‘s generous support. To read more, including details about the students, click here.

During a celebration at the Queen City Club, CATS supporters were touched by the stories of five of our students who went to Yellowstone this past summer. The students described some initial fears, ranging from having to spend time with kids they didn’t know, to fears of flying, mountain climbing, or wild animals. The guests were equally impressed by the students’ accounts of their progress in facing challenges and achieving greater clarity on what they want their futures to look like. “I would never have been able to stand in front of ya’ll like this, and talk to you,” reported one student, to chuckles from the crowd.

This semester’s spin on our ongoing learning model, Joseph Campbell’s The Hero’s Journey, takes an affirming turn with “The Hero Within” as this semester’s academic study theme. So many of our kids have already dealt with more than their share of challenges, yet here they are at CATS, working to grow and learn. Recognizing and valuing what they’ve already accomplished is firing their enthusiasm as they apply Joseph Campbell’s steps on their own heroic journeys.