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How healthy is the water? Yellowstone students learn how to tell

How healthy is the water? The Yellowstone-bound students took on the task of answering that question, going back and forth between classroom, lab, unspoiled woods and one of the streams on 600-plus acres of Greenacres Farm. Greenacres educators Judy Mouch and Lori Dorn taught the students how to test water health including turbidity, oxygen levels and presence of phosphates. The students collected and tested samples and filled out “stream habitat surveys” based on their findings. They learned about the terrain and its history–it was all under an ocean prior to the glaciers coming through! They saw native plants like paw paws and spice bushes and learned why knowing what plants are native matters. Then they studied life in the stream, finding, identifying and respectfully returning various insects and critters to the stream. This was the fifth of six “pre-trips” designed to prepare the students for their Yellowstone adventure. See slide show.