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Getting ready for Yellowstone – Cincinnati Zoo visit

The Yellowstone-bound students were zoo-bound, one of six “pre-trips” designed to prepare them for the challenges and adventures of their upcoming learning expedition to one of the most beautiful places in the world. Their visit began with a greeting by Cincinnati Zoo Director Thayne Maynard, who led them to his conference room where he, zoo board member Craig Young, and CATS Chairman Emeritus Lee Carter shared their personal Yellowstone-adventure stories, including animals the students will encounter, sights not to miss, and mistakes not to make. The students were spellbound, as the adults attempted to describe the indescribable sights and sounds of Yellowstone. “The topography, the skies, the water…they’re all different West of the Mississippi,” said Lee Carter. “You’ll see; drink it in.” Then, the director and CATS CEO Clara Martin led them on a tour of animals they’ll see at Yellowstone (and some they won’t). Amphibian-petting, wild-animal-watching and, of course, seeing Fiona, the world-renowned hippo. Soon they’ll be winging their way West. It’s the kind of opportunity student D’Andre said he had only imagined, “in my dreams.” See slide show