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CATS kids are going to Yellowstone again!

Ten CATS students, five boys and five girls, will take a week- long journey across the country to Yellowstone National Park this July.

The expedition will provide lessons in personal growth, resiliency and collaboration, all through outdoor excursions in this majestic national treasure.

Students apply for the trip in a rigorous process that includes a written application and their demonstration of commitment and leadership potential. “Earning a spot on this trip requires effort and, as in life, their level of investment will equal their access to opportunity,” said Laura Greene-White, director of education.

As the students hike over mountainous terrain, encounter wild animals in their natural environment, and develop their photography skills, they will also practice facing challenges and conquering their fears. CATS Yellowstone students are encouraged to think of ways to apply their learning via contributions to their communities when they return home.

The students will be accompanied by CATS staff and two students from the CATS 2016 Yellowstone journey who will serve as ambassadors.

The Yellowstone Experience is made possible through a partnership among Park Journeys, Yellowstone Park Foundation, Yellowstone Association and the National Parks Service.