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What is Bridging the Gap?

Bridging the Gap, a collaboration of The Cincinnati Arts & Technology Studios (CATS) and its partners, fills a costly gap between the supports available in high school and the traditional workforce programs designed for adults. Such programs are usually accessed—if at all–only years after people graduate from high school and often after multiple attempts to succeed.

This gap is particularly devastating to teens from low-income urban neighborhoods, who often face more challenges than their peers when it comes to keeping a job or staying in college.

Bridging the Gap has proven that with the right kind of supports for a relatively short period of time after graduation, students who otherwise might not have a chance can be established successfully in a career.

Such supports and opportunities set in motion patterns of productivity and prosperity that reverberate for the individuals, their families, and our communities.  Click here for Bridging the Gap fact sheet.


Help urban teens (CATS students) succeed beyond graduation from high school.

Provide skilled workers in industry sectors where there is a current or anticipated shortage, starting with health care but expanding to other sectors over time.