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2019 Deck the Halls: Student Art Show & Sale

Published: December 12, 2019

CATS hosted its 12th annual Student Show and Sale, Saturday, December 7. The hallway and gallery were lined with over 500 pieces of student artwork, representing the semester theme, “Art and the Environment.” All five studios displayed work that exhibited talent, hard work, and dedication by the students.

Here are some examples of the stained glass led by the instructor Jen Edwards.

During the show, students were encouraged to walk around and explain their artwork to the patrons. The “Artist Talks” gave the students a platform to define the theme of the semester through their final piece displayed at the show. Artist talks are one of the essential parts for the viewer to connect with the art piece and witness how CATS impacts the students personally. CATS staff are proud of our students this semester, they worked so hard, and the quality of their final projects proved it! CATS wants to thank everyone in the community who showed up and supported the students and the organization!

Please enjoy the pictures of the art show below.