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Summer Trip: Acadia 2019

Published: October 18, 2019

Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios offers a Summer Trip to Acadia National Park to students enrolled in the high school program. Selected candidates go through a time-sensitive application process, as well as demonstrating their commitment to the CATS high school program. With help from our supporters, including Park Journey’s, CATS was able to fund ten students on this remarkable trip!

Before students go on their summer adventure, they are required to go on six pre-trips to experience and prepare for what lies ahead Acadia. First, they went to Pyramid Hill Sculpture Park, to practice hiking and to get their feet used to the natural terrain. Next, they went to Green Acres Environmental Education Center to learn about water testing and marine investigations. Finally, they went to the Newport Aquarium and Cincinnati Zoo to experience the wildlife they will encounter.

After pre-trips, students gathered with CATS staff for informational sessions, on how to conduct themselves in the airport. These sessions allowed them to ask questions on what to expect and what they need to pack. Not only do they learn essential life skills during these sessions, but they receive gear that they would need for the trip. These pre-trips and sessions not only help students know what to expect but also allow time to get to know one another.  

During the trip, students experience the raw emotion of awe.  Students placed in an environment they are unfamiliar with allows teachable moments.  The ten students learned lessons in leadership, communication, and stewardship, while educational experiences supported these moments. The group conducted marine investigations, dutch oven cooking class, printmaking from their photos, and stargazing.

The 2019 summer trip to Acadia was a success.  CATS CEO, Clara Martin, one of the staff leaders on the trip, concluded their adventure by saying, “We had a great time with our young people.  They are wonderfully smart individuals.  I am so proud of the work we did on this trip, inside and out! We have returned with the elixir, a new version of ourselves!”