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Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios to Host an Art Gallery Featuring CPS Students Capstone Projects

Published: August 13, 2019

Each year students from the Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios programs create, display and sell pieces of art under the direction of local professional artists and academic advisors

Cincinnati, OH –  Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios is pleased to present “Deck the Hall” a student exhibition of art works showcasing the skills and artistry of local high school students. The gallery will debut on December 7, 2019 from 3 p.m. to 6 p.m. Works of art will be on sale for purchase. Artworks will be around this semesters theme, “Art in the Environment.” Students focused on the natural, built, and social environments that surround them every day to help inspire their art pieces.

CATS offers local students the opportunity to earn fine arts credits towards a high school diploma in one of five studio courses featuring state-of-the-art technology and professional artistic resources. Students gain hands-on experience, in real working studios lead by local artists. Students are encouraged to explore their world-perspective and share art created through the lens of their life experiences.

Digital Multi-Media

Students collaborate in the planning, development, presentation and assessment of audio, photo and video production. The latest digital tools, such as Photoshop, Maya 3-D, Illustrator, Adobe Creative Suite and iMovie are made available to students to learn and explore various mediums of digital art. Also available to students is a 3D printer where students learn to design and print personal artworks.

2D Two-dimensional Art

Students participate in sn intensive study in various two-dimensional design techniques including drawing, painting, marker techniques, print-making and collage. This studio course focuses on techniques used in commercial art, including how the elements of art and the principles of design drive the work of designers and illustrators. Proper presentation and framing techniques are also taught in this course.

3D Three-dimensional Art

Students taking this course are exposed to the wonder of clay construction, glass fusion and glass slumping (shaping glass over or into molds at high temperatures). After learning the basics of each medium, students move on to determine a focus for their thesis, concentrating their efforts in clay, glass or adopting a mixed media approach.


The ceramics course immerses students in the production of ceramic vessels, tiles and other functional and non-functional clay art forms. Students are introduced to the physics of clay and the chemistry of glaze while learning how to work with the materials. Students also explore the production of ceramic pieces across time and cultures.

Stained Glass

The stained glass workshop teaches the art of cutting art glass into shapes and connecting those pieces by soldering them into a unified design. Students begin with simple geometric forms and work alongside the master artist, gradually creating more intricate designs as their expertise grows.

For additional information, or to reserve your ticket, please contact Brooke Sallas, Director of Marketing and Communications at or 513.562.5500. To learn more about the CATS program, how to sponsor a student, teach a course or to donate please visit


About Cats

Cincinnati Arts and Technology Studios (CATS) is a non-profit organization that partners with Cincinnati Public Schools to help students earn fine arts credits so they can graduate from high school on time and build skills to succeed in life. CATS inspires young adults to re-engage in their education and discover their self-worth through the transformative power of art. Students work alongside professional artists in a first-class environment featuring cutting-edge technology and equipment, where they are nurtured and encouraged to develop skills that will propel them into successful futures. Each of the five studio courses offered by CATS are designed to meet Ohio Department of Education visual arts standards and are open to high school juniors, seniors and overage underclassmen. The team of staff, art instructors, board of directors and partners are dedicated to unlocking each student’s potential, equipping them with critical life skills and nurturing their unique abilities through graduation and beyond.